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Harry Potter + pink

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“I don’t believe in the kind of magic in my books. But I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.” - JK Rowling

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there is a light and it never goes out

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get to know me meme: [6/10] favorite movies
pirates of the caribbean — the curse of the black pearl.

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Where is the most awkward place you’ve been recognized?

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Colin back on set. 29/07/2014

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five episodes |
3.17 ‘the jolly roger’

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Jen: Her fears and her resistance to Hook in certain ways are based around what I can’t talk about.

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Captain Swan Moments from SDCC Part 2 


Once Upon a Fan (x)

It seems there’s a parallel between Elsa and Emma as far as Emma learning to control her magic. Do you see anything like that playing out that season?

[Jmo talks about their similarities.]

Jmo: As I’m reading more scripts, I’ve been really touched by the fact that Emma finally has someone who understands her that isn’t family. This is her first friend. This is the first time someone really actually connects with her, understands her in a way that-

Colin: Hook’s a friend.

Jmo: [puts her hand on him] He’s a special friend.

Colin: He’s a special friend. They’re friends.

Jmo: Yes that’s true. Alright. Well. There’s that.

Colin: [laughs] Well, there’s that.

On the reverse of that, it seems like there’s a parallel between Emma and Hook and Anna and Kristoff, because Hook, he’s sort of a fixer-upper like in the song-

Jmo: I don’t know that song as intimately as you do-

Basically, it’s just the idea is that Kristoff is a guy who just needs someone to love him in order to become a better person. So do you think that’s kind of how your relationship is going to play out?

Colin: Um, I don’t know. It’s a complicated relationship. It’s like, it’s not going to be easy. But, I mean, I think that they-, they have a connection that’s-, I do think that Emma and Hook have a really deep connection that I don’t think either of them understands or could explain. So we’ll see. But, at the end of the day, Hook’s still, I mean he’s a pirate and he’s spent hundreds and hundreds of years being a pirate, so there’s always that in the background, but it will be fun to see what shenanigans they get up to.

RHeart (x)

What are you excited about see happen with Frozen?

[They talk about the interactions of the characters with Frozen cast.]

Jmo: There are a lot of parallels between Elsa and Emma. And there’s really potential for Elsa to be one of her first friends…that’s a girl. I know, I know. We’ve pointed out-, Colin pointed out that Hook is Emma’s friend.

Colin: [smiles and puts his hands up] I mean. He is a friend.

Jmo: He’s a friend who is a boy. A man. He’s a man-friend.

Colin: Oh! He’s a man. Don’t you forget it.

Jmo: And Elsa is a friend who is a lady, so Elsa is a lady-friend-

Colin: Yeah

Jmo: -who is-, Right. Well she is not related to her, which is unusual-

Colin: [laughing] What?

Jmo: [laughing] Anyway. I’m wearing red. I’m turning red.

Colin: [laughing a lot]

You’re digging yourself deeper and deeper.

[Can’t hear question]   ….

Jmo: I’m looking for the moments that are lighter in the midst of the crises that she’s dealing with at all times. I would wish to see, now that she has a lady-friend, and she’s with her man-friend- [laughing]

Colin: You can say boy-, you can say boy-friend.

Jmo and Colin: [laughing a lot]

Access Hollywood (x)

Colin: I gave up my ship. Yeah.

What was that like for him?

Colin: It was a pretty-, I think it was a pretty hard decision for him to make but he sort of feels like he can find love again with Emma, and stuff, so he was willing to sacrifice his ship.

I think it helped him seal the deal at the end of that episode a little bit?

Colin: A little bit.

If you could give him some love advice going forward - you personally, Colin - what would you tell him?

Colin: What would I tell Hook? Uh. Change your leather pants. Probably a good thing.

But that’s not love advice. I want some love advice from you.

Colin: I would say: treat her well. Buy her flowers; do the dishes; and, uh, give her lots of little hugs.

Will we get to see them as a couple this season? Sort of dating or maybe even go out to dinner?

Colin: You know it’s kind of a complicated relationship. You’ll definitely see some interactions between the two of them as they both try to figure out what it is that they’re feeling for each other.

KSite (x)

Emma hasn’t really opened up herself up to a relationship or a serious love since Neal all those years ago. What’s her first challenge now in the new season of sort of figuring this out?

Jmo: The hard thing about answering that question is that I think that her biggest challenge is something that I can’t talk about. Because you’ll see that her fears and her resistance to Hook in certain ways are based around what I can’t talk about. Once that-

Colin: It’s cause he smells isn’t it? ‘Cause he hasn’t changed.

Jmo: Somehow you magically smell good in that outfit you’ve been wearing for 300 years.

Colin: Yep.

Jmo: Her greatest challenge will be revealed in episode 3.

Is the greatest challenge something connected to Anna and Elsa?

Jmo: [shakes head no] No. It’s something internal. In terms of feeling free to open up and care for someone and invite them into her life.

TVFanatic (x)

He seems to have a new attitude, turned over a new leaf, with regards to Emma.

Colin: Yeah

Will he stay on that light path, get darker again this fall?

Colin: I mean, you have to sort of wait to see. The thing to remember with Hook is that he is Captain Hook. He is a pirate. And he is a bad boy. And a little part of him enjoys that. And it’s hard to let go of that after hundreds of years of living as a pirate with revenge in your heart. He’s going to have to fight hard to, sort of, not go into being a bad boy.

HitFix (x) (x)

It seems like it’s pretty smooth sailing for you and Emma. Who’s going to pop up out of the past and sweep her away, so that you have to continue to chase this woman for the rest of time?

Colin: I don’t know. I don’t know is the answer. Their relationship is definitely complicated. Hook is definitely putting in a lot of groundwork to try and win her over, but the season finale, the kiss that they have, I think, is their first genuine kiss. It’s the real thing.

Do you we get to see anything about, maybe once the danger is over, just them trying to work out the day-to-day intricacies of dating?

You might see some of that yeah. You might actually. But look, Emma is a complex person and so is Hook. And it was never going to be easy for them to make it work, but they’re gonna try, I think.

Two lies and a truth.

Colin: Hook gets a wooden leg. Hook loses his eyeliner. Hold on I’ve messed it up already, haven’t I? 

One more, one more. You’ve got it. 

Colin: Hook will-, [laughs] Hook will kiss Emma again.

SO TO ADD TO MY CS RECAP - What do we know?

1. There will be passion.

2. Jmo and Colin ship Captain Swan hard. And love working together. And have a lot of inside jokes.

3. They’ve only filmed one episode, and Colin and Jmo went pink grinning about scenes they felt the fans would like and wouldn’t talk more about them. [See number 1.]

4. The challenges they face will be a little Anna/Kristoff-ish, which, so far, I know to be: being scarred by their first loves and being alone/self-serving for most of their lives.

5. Colin thinks Hook is Emma’s soulmate.

6. Their challenges will make them grow in the right direction.

7. In episode 3, we’ll find out the internal issue (not Frozen-related) that Emma has that is keeping her from opening up fully to Hook. [my guess: she did something to someone magically when she was young that hurt someone and is afraid of her power now and what it could to to Hook. She talks in another interview about her connection with Elsa and not being able to control her power.]

8. Hook is trying real hard to be the man Emma deserves, which will likely be difficult sometimes because the pirate for centuries thing.

9. We’ll pick up where we left off last season. [practically in bed, ahem]

10. They have a thing and there’s sort of stuff.

11. Hook is Emma’s special man-, no, boy-friend.

12. Hook smells just amazing (for the record, per fanfic canon: leather, spice, linen and/or rum.) Magically. After 300 years in that outfit.

13. There will be some of the ‘day-to-day’ working out the intricacies of a relationship stuff.

14. Hook kisses Emma again.

Passion people!!!!

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